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Concha Rossler


"Originally from Germany, I decided to live near the ocean - maybe due to my name, which means “shell”. I am a true water soul carrying a nomadic life in my heart. I found my soul-place on the beautiful rugged coastline of southern Portugal where I decided to settle down thirteen years ago. for almost a decade now, I have been teaching surfers of all different levels. Experiencing different approaches to teaching has brought me to a deeper understanding and interest into a more holistic surf coaching approach. Through my passion for surfing I have gained a significant position as a female surfer and coach in the Algarve and encourage other women along the way. Combining surfing with activities relating culture, health, nature, people, yoga and wellbeing is my goal, which has led me to establish my new business Mooana."

Lauren Biddulph

The Salt Sisterhood

"I'm Lauren, a Vinyasa Yoga teacher currently living and teaching in my beautiful hometown of Falmouth in Cornwall. My biggest loves are movement, design, music and most of all - the ocean. As a surfer, I enjoy teaching surf-specific Yoga practices to strengthen the body and focus the mind. I have a special interest in the healing properties of the ocean and how it can be incorporated into our lives (be it through surfing, swimming, diving or just floating) in combination with a Yoga practice to promote personal wellbeing. Throughout the year I host and teach on various retreats all located by the coast and involving my favourite saltwater element."

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Nicole Margaret Schurz


I’m a Yoga and Living Yolates Teacher and part of the MYMARINI team since 2016. I grew up between Vienna and the mountains in the South of Austria, but  currently based in Hamburg, when not travelling around the globe. I want to give you the opportunity and the space to listen to your body and get in touch with yourself, without taking yourself too seriously and without losing your smile. Music is an important element of my teaching, sometimes its moving to beats and on other days its just listening to your very own music - your breath. I love creating a playground for my students, a safe space, where you can feel free to dance and move and get out of your comfort zone and limiting beliefs. My classes are powerful and creative but yet very grounding and calming. I want you to let go of whatever you are holding on to and let your body and mind feel energised, clear and peaceful. 

More about Nicole: 

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