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For our second MYMARINI Yoga & Wild Swim Retreat we travelled to Cornwall, United Kingdom, where we stayed for 5 rejuvenating days in a house tucked away on the Helford very close to the ocean. Each day we discovered new and beautiful swimming spots, revitalising our bodies & minds and connecting to the water element within us. We enjoyed daily yoga & mediations sessions to get energised and at the same time to feel grounded and calm. Our two amazing private chefs Jo & Tess prepared nutritious, mouth watering, handmade & locally sourced meals three times a day, which we enjoyed either inside in our cozy home kitchen or outside on our terrace, surrounded by silence and nature. Soaking up the sunshine & fresh air, getting inspired by the the ocean, making new friends, laughing, enjoying peaceful moments together or alone away from daily life. It was an amazing and very special time of selfcare, with a small and intimate group of lovely women!

Enjoy these impressions from the retreat and if you are interested in being our guest on one of our upcoming MYMARINI Retreats in 2019, sign up to our MYMARINI NEWSLETTER to not miss out on any updates & news.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on this unique adventure!

Retreat Organiser & Yoga Teacher: Lauren Biddulph

Photograph: Lizzie Churchill

Private Chefs: Jo & Tess

Each guest received one MYMARINI of their choice and an exclusive MYMARINI Surprise bag with local & sustainable products. Thank you to all of the brands which participated in the MYMARINI Surprise bags - you can find out more about each of them here: Dopper, Inlight Beauty, Bloom Remedies, &Keep, The Leaf Collective, Wrap Magazine, Niche Tea, Made For Life Organics, Good & Proper tea & Hydrophil

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